vintage nonchalant mom necklace
this is just one of those simple necklaces that you will love to wear day in and day out. the beads are simple vintage glass beads and held together with a gold vermeil bead at the top. (they are strung on a nylon cord for strength). I wanted this necklace for myself and never found it, so I made it!...just something that you put on each morning, no clasp, and over your head...what could be more simple and easy. I think it's about a 26" or so... I make them when I am relaxing watching movies or whatever at winding down time! when wearing it you must think of 'peace and love to all mankind!' OK!!. my friend Robin Mollicone helped me along and taught me to make them, she teaches jewelry at Pratt and visit her space on nonchalant mom and see her amazing work!
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