village common

Village Common - I am always on the hunt for a new scent, when I walk into a store I beeline to the scents and first, I check to see if they are natural (sadly seldom) and then I read all the labels. I found Village Common and I loved their blend of natural essential oils, I love how they evoke places and things. I even love that most of these scents involve herbs like rosemary, sage or parsley seed, along with cypress, rosewood, bergamot, lavender... Each scent has a story by the creators Ben and Blake who makes these scents in small batches in Pennsylvania. I think there is nothing better than getting up in the morning and spraying these scents in the air and walking through - my whole body is invigorated! and these are natural so they are not overpowering and while the effects last long on the psyche, it doesn't hang strong on you all day.