Enlightened Pieces by Carina This has been a long journey, About ten years ago I found a rock that was encapsulated by a net. It has sat next to my bed through all my moves in life.... and I always knew what I was going to do with it and it would inspire my jewelry but I just never had the time to explore the project. In the last few months I made the time to do it and the result is more that what I had hoped for, these pieces are every bit of who I am - in as much as their beauty they can also become a tool for you to create and be better and more effective in your life, you can make your dreams come true with the help of these crystals, or they can simply add beauty to your life - it's your decision. I use raw crystals, they are not polished, heated or worked in any way (unless I specifically say they are tumbled or polished), I wanted them to have the least amount of human interaction possible, just the earth, water and sky. I wash the crystals in the open ocean, then they are set out in either the new moon or the full moon (for new beginnings) and finally I lay them out in the full sunlight to be charged by the sun on the beach and sand. They are made with love and pleasure and ready for your energy!