I am so excited to introduce you to my new project - netted crystals! It's a time when we all need a little help and I am convinced that a crystal will give you positive energy, light and wisdom. I encourage you to look into the meanings and uses of each of the crystals that you are attracted to, use your intuition and choose one that speaks to you for your needs - I give a short intro (and ship your necklace to you with some information). These crystals are healing crystals so they are not heated or altered in any way, some are polished but only in their natural shape and most are completely raw and natural - just as they came out of the earth. I wash the crystals in the open Atlantic ocean to cleanse their energy and clarify them, then I set them out to take in the light of the New Moon (for new beginnings) and finally I set them out on the beach to take in the energy of the sun to charge. Your crystal will arrive to you ready for your energy and to hep you in your meditation practice or whatever you do. You can wear your crystal next to your skin inside your shirt or out for all to see, it's your choice.