Margaret Solow

I don't know how I found her but I am so glad that I did! I think it was on one of my favorite japanese websites Play any rate, I found her and I shall never let her go! I think her jewelry is timeless and perfection (both!). Margaret and I worked together to create a collection for Nonchalant Mom which is slightly unique to us; the stones are a bit larger and the 20" length is one that we think looks nice with these larger stones. Margaret is very particular about her stones and most of them are extremely clear, but I like them that way... with slight imperfections because that's life and I think it reminds us that these stones are natural pieces. The adult gems are strung on brown nylon cord with a sterling silver clasp and the kids zen gems are strung on matching color cord (the stones are also much smaller, hence the price difference) and they are also 14" which is perfect for kids! (just not for bath or bedtime). I hope that you feel as elegant and beautiful in your Margaret Solow necklace as I do in mine!