Nonchalantmom: Pashmina by Sadhu

Pashmina by Sadhu is a brand of luxurious hand-spun and hand-woven pashmina shawls and scarves. It is a family owned by SUBHABRATA SADHU, who believes in humane design by sustaining and nurturing the traditional craft techniques. No machine process or machine spun cashmere which threatens the sustenance of a traditional craft is used while producing the shawls and scarves. All the yarns are hand-spun by the women of the house which provides regular livelihood opportunities to the artisans' families. Each piece is woven with the purest and finest cashmere yarn carefully hand spun from the down fleece of mountain goats, reared by the Changpas, a nomadic tribe, in a high altitude valley bordering Tibet located in the Ladakh region of India. No chemicals are used in any process to retain the inherent softness and character of the fiber. The designs are made according to the traditional hand-weaving technique practiced by the weavers in Kashmir.