Nonchalantmom: Studio Deseo

Studio Deseo :: Aleishall Girard Maxon - I met Aleishall through Alayne (Layla). I saw some of her pieces in Layla and I was transfixed, I instantly loved them! Aleishall's pieces are so crafty and unique, each one a true work of art -- somehow I feel instantly cool with them on my neck! Her name may sound familiar, as she is the granddaughter of Alexander Girard and I haven't a confirmation from her but I am sure he was an inspiration! Aleishall's choice of rich colors and unbridled combinations make her peices truely timeless, and I promise you they will bring a smile to your face upon wearing them. These pieces are one of a kind and were created specially for Nonchalant Mom! Thank you Aleishall you are an inspiration to me!