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by Chrissy Stanley

I am the Mother of three wonderful children, 4, 2, and 8 months. We are located in Virginia. I wanted to share the story of my youngest, Oliver. After two healthy, uneventful pregnancies, and deliveries, my third was much more trying. He was born with a mega cystic bladder (enlarged bladder). It was detected at my normal 18-week ultrasound and monitored closely from there on out.

We ended up delivering 3 hours away at a hospital that was more familiar with these types of abnormalities. Thankfully, no other problems seemed to be connected with his condition. His bladder, however, was 5 times the normal size and unable to function. We were faced with administering a catheter every 3-4 hours, perhaps for the rest of his life, even surgery in the near future, if no changes occurred.

Through a healthfood store in town, I inquired whether they knew of anyone who could show me any techniques to stimulate an infant’s bladder (acupressure, massage, etc.). They suggested Katy O’Gee, who was a cranial sacral therapist. I contacted her and she was happy to take a look at him. At 4 months of age we took Oliver to see Katy. She performed a very gentle massage technique to different areas of his abdomen. She told me that our organs have a thin membrane around them that can become "stuck" to one another. What she was doing was "releasing" those areas that felt tense.

Well, that evening I found an immediate change. His bladder, which was sort of banana shape along the right part of his abdomen, had moved! He also began to urinate frequently on his own. We then began to visit her every week. At 6 months, our urologists gave us the wonderful news that his bladder had recuperated, and no more catheters!

I am still learning about this method of therapy, and Katy’s treatment for Oliver was slightly different then what she usually administers. Cranial Sacral Therapy is a form of energy work that is practiced with a very light touch to areas of the head and neck to balance irregularities in the cerebrospinal fluid. It can help children and adults with cerebral palsy, autism, dyslexia, and hyperactivity. It's a pretty amazing, and a Godsend to us. I have to stress that if your child is suffering a health problem, don't give up hope! Be open to other methods of healing.

Today Ollie's a sweet, happy baby. He is crawling around, trying to keep up with his big brother and sister. I also never thought I'd be so happy to be wet on between diaper changes.

For information on Cranial Sacral Therapy visit: - the website of Dr. John E. Upledger, who is the pioneer of CranioSacral Therapy