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Q: How can I help my kids to stay away from the computer, tv and telephone?

A: Feng Shui for Children – By Linda Redmond

By now we have all heard the word Feng Shui and know a little about what it means. It’s a tool which can help bring balance and harmony into your home. There are many different views and methods to practice Feng Shui, but the one I find makes the most sense is the compass method.

The chi or for lack of a better word, energy of each of the eight directions (north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest) is different and influences our moods, emotions, physical energy and ultimately our health. Like a plant placed in your home, some plants thrive in a southeastern location, some a northern spot or maybe a southwestern location, so too can you and your children benefit from the particular energy of a direction.

Some children lean a little more to the yin side, which means they are a little softer and relaxed, but sometimes this can be out of balance and the child may prefer to sit in front of the TV or play computer games rather than anything active. To encourage more activity, alertness and adventure in your child increase the thunder energy of the east. Making their environment more yang will also help the situation.

Placing a flowing water feature like a fountain, in the east of your home will increase the eastern chi energy. Also you can place a water feature in the east of your children’s bedrooms.

Wood is the element related to eastern chi energy, so placing solid wood furniture in your children’s bedroom is a good idea.

A bedroom in the east would be another bonus but if that is not possible move their bed so that the top of their head is facing the eastern direction. If that is not possible the directions northeast, southeast or south are also generally more active energies.

To make a more yang environment in the bedroom or play areas, keep them clean, tidy and free of clutter. Open the bedroom window everyday so fresh air can circulate throughout. Diet is also a way you can encourage a child to be more balanced, by reducing the amount of ice cream, sweets, juice, and soft drinks, and other sugary foods causes children to become more yin. Eating a diet of more balanced food like grains and vegetables and fish will make a more balanced child.

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