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Tips and Information

When we had our son Sander, we were so naïve. When we brought him home from the hospital we just looked at each other, then at Sander, with wide eyes and said, “ok, now what do we do?” We poured through books…but we just wanted practical information and natural parenting ideas, and we didn’t really find it out there. I think that now, just two years later there is more information available, but it’s just starting. I hope that Nonchalant Mom can be a meeting place for like-minded naturally involved people, to get together and share ideas.

We are working hard to get Nonchalant Mom up and going, so as soon as we can we will have the following sections open for your browsing: Alternative M.D.’s, Focus Country, Headlines and Topics, Questions, News and Tips. I think it’s a good idea to share names of alternative doctors, so please email any information on alternative doctors. We will eventually list them by state so that you can choose a doctor easily that is in your area. Focus Country is an area where I will share parenting stories from a particular country, and this country will change four times a year. This will give parents a chance to get ideas from other cultures to contrast with their own parenting choices. Headlines and Topics will be an area that will introduce new ideas that are “in the news” and I would love to hear comments from readers on the various topics. In the Questions section we will have some of the alternative doctors answer questions from Nonchalant Mom readers. In News and Tips we will provide remedies from readers that we will list in an A to Z format. This way you will be able to look up your issues and see if we have any ideas for you. If your issue is not covered you can email your question and we will try to have it answered for you.

I think this is going to be an exciting and interesting endeavor and I am so happy to be involved. Please do not hesitate to email any questions, topics and ideas we will create new and interesting parenting ideas.
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