hello from amber (NCM new shop owner!)

hello hello hello,

my first blog post! 

i am really excited to take over where nonchalant mom shop has come to her rest. 

carina and i share many of the same aesthetic trends in both fashion & design. we have known each other for a short period of time yet it feels as if our time spent has many years of history. 

i moved to rhode island about 6 years ago. i have a son, wes, who is almost 3 yrs old. my background is in art and my passion lies in many areas of design, visual aesthetic, color, and simple fashion.

over time there will be mindful changes and additions to carina's shop. some might knock your socks off, or may peek your interest, or if you're lucky might unexpectedly wake you up. 

at this early transition time, the biggest change will be shop name. 

the new shop will be: nico scout

you guys still with me?

meaning of shop name is really simple and personally nostalgic. nico - velvet underground, scout - to kill a mockingbird.

nico scout will be home to a selection of curated goods for kids & adults: apparel, accessories, homeware, books, art, hand made, apothecary, and more. 

as carina said, change is so good. i truly believe it. 

with love and excitement, amber gadde