Rootfoot is a company based in Northern Colorado, you will find that their oils are pure, clean and organic. I fell in love with their spirit animal scents - I thought that was such a beautiful way to look at a scent. The founder Laura Huth has said "Some people have a deep connection with several different animals. We like to remind people that these oils are meant to be guides, and that everyone needs to be guided in different directions at different times.  Like if you have been stuck in a rut of being too serious lately, then maybe Coyote is the right oil to guide you toward playfulness and adaptability.  Or, maybe you are very creative and want to set an intention for the day of keeping your feet on the ground, then Bear would be a good guide to wear. Part of what is happening is the aromatherapeutic effect of the oils, and the rest of what is happening is coming from inside you. It is an actual, literal connection between you and the plants, and that requires a contribution from both sides of the equation."

-I love that and truly believe it. I use the oils throughout the day when I need a hike in my spirit.

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