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These textiles are so very versatile, I use them as blankets, towels, beach wrap, beach towel, table cloth and you can sew them into whatever you like for you crafty folks. I even use the lungi as a scarf in the in-between seasons, it's large but I like to wear it to wrap up at night and hanging around my neck during the day. A lungi is the perfect travel companion and fold up perfectly to take anywhere. These particular pieces are an approximate 76" cut of cotton fabric, this traditional khadi textile is hand spun and hand woven and takes it's inspiration from Gandhi and his vision of rural self-reliance. They are traditionally worn by men as a wrap. I ship them to you un-ironed and rustic, they are only washed for softness - the selvedge edge often have decorative borders and the other ends are totally unfinished (but you can easily finish them yourself if you like it that way). These are 100% cotton and a medium weight weave which lends them great to beach towels, wraps, table cloths, blankets and essential for travel. This piece is as you see in the photo, second photo is the piece folded in half. hand-spun and hand-woven in India.