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auntie oti :: mini dress - pink flower

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Aunite Oti has created this classic collection of womens clothing. Perfect for what you like to wear every day - you will live in these clothes. This 'mini' dress is not really a mini, it's just NOT a maxi - ha! the length is approx. 37", it has a one button placket and has pockets as well(!!). Susan said that this print is her 'homage' to Marimekko, it's slightly heavier than the grey/gold print. 100% cotton - made in India - these garments are hand dyed (without using harsh chemicals) so care should be taken in their storage and do not dry them in the sun. model is 5' 7" and wearing size 1 = size 4-6-8 / size 2 = size 8-10-12