beach gift set

beach gift set

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This is a great set for your beach loving friend, turkish towels, Lucky Fish canvas beach bag and a bit of monk oil for after beach (dusk scent).

Fouta/Hammam Towel - pink and black/pink stripe - $40/each - Perfect for beach, as a towel, wrap, kids/baby play blanket... So many uses, they fold up nice and easy (and small) so that you can slip them into any beach bag and you are READY! - Perfect for Travel - Our fouta's are made in a family run facility in Tunisia and measure 75" x 40.5" made of 100% Egyptian cotton - machine wash and hang to dry  

Lucky Fish cotton canvas beach bag - $48 - These great beach bags will be used to tote anything and everything! why not be chic with your groceries as well! I am always toting about 4 of them at a time with all my 'things' Sized approx. 14" x 18" - hand printed, 100% cotton canvas

Monk Oil - Dusk - 3.4oz. - $58 - This musky blend contains Sandalwood Essential Oil to support a balance of physical relaxation and mental alertness. Patchouli Essential Oil is added for its calming and alluring qualities. Rose Absolute Essential Oil brings love and harmony. Calla Lily flower essence by FES supports integration of our male and female qualities while promoting sexual self-acceptance. An Orange Carnelian is added to each bottle to embolden and enhance vitality. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. This a potion for trailblazers. Monk Oil City Skin Potion is conjured on New Moons, Full Moons and other auspicious days.

These items together retail for $186 - This set offers a discount.