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carina.schott :: netted crystals - amethyst

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I make each one of these netted crystals by hand. The crystals are the most important part to me, natural crystal points, which are untreated. I wash them in the open ocean, then I let them bask in the new moon (for new beginnings) and then finally they are charged in the sunlight at our beautiful Rhode Island beach. They are ready for you to engage your energy and help you achieve your wildest dreams or even your deepest meditation. Amethyst is a powerful mental healer, making you less scattered, it relieves stress boosts memory and is a terrific aid in meditation. Each crystal is very different in size and shape - at the moment the ones I have are irregular but large. approx. 2cm. Necklaces are usually 36 - 38" in length but can be tied shorter and are shipped with information on the qualities of each stone - If you want me to make a special piece just for you please email me: