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I make each one of these netted crystals by hand, just choose the color cord. The stones are the most important part to me these are completely untreated. I wash them in the open ocean, then I let them bask in the new moon (for new beginnings) and then finally they are charged in the sunlight of at our beautiful beach. They are ready for you to engage your energy and help you achieve your wildest dreams or even your deepest meditation. Carnelian can be good for grounding, accepting and can also cleanse other stones (it can also help with fertility - email me for more info). Each stone is very different in size and shape, but mostly oval or natural shape approx. 4-5cm x 3cm these are tumbled so soft and smooth. Necklaces are usually 36 - 38" in length but can be tied shorter and are shipped with information on the qualities of each stone - If you want me to make a special piece just for you please email me