feel better/recovery kit

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The holidays are depleting! However much I love everything that goes on, and I want to do everything, the holidays can really take it out of you... but have no fear! Honestly I would not get through it all without Astragalus it saves me and it can save you too!

Astragalus sticks - $2/each - (don't mix them up with the palo santo - the Astragalus smells like dust - BUT it will save you and your family from getting sick, it boosts your immune system and keeps you going strong. Just break off a piece and put in your tea, I have heard that people put it in soups too! I drink it every day in my tea.

Goe Oil - by Jao - $48 - I wouldn't think of traveling anywhere without this tube! 3oz. Lighter than a typical body butter, longer lasting than a moisturizer, this formulation has a high percentage of Jojoba Oil. The unique formulation includes Rosehip, Hemp, Meadowfoam and Rice Bran Oils which are all high in Omega and Essential Fatty Acids. Avocado, Grapeseed, Mango and Pumpkin Seed butters which are rich in vitamins A, E, C, B, G, and Beta Carotene. Kukuinut Oil to protect the skin, and Chamomile and Calendula which are excellent for calming irritated skin. Your skin will feel the difference while it soaks up our 100% purely natural body oil. Goe Oil™ is unique in that it actually replaces the natural oils that we tend to lose due to age, environmental stress and weather.

Palo Santo sticks - $10/3 stick bundle - Palo Santo is a sacred wood that can clear your space. This ancient wood from Peru will bring clarity and provide spiritual protection to any space. Light stick then blow out and let stand in a ceramic dish to clear space.

Auntie Oti washed Kashmir throw - In the Fall season Susan pulls out some amazing wool pieces that have a definite sense of authenticity that I love, the colors are always rich due to their origins in India - the Indian culture has an amazing sense for color. 100% kashmiri wool. This piece is large enough to use as a throw for your home or as a scarf. It is finished with raw selvedge edges. Measures approx. 45" x 83"  

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