lucky fish kids :: silver irridescent full moon

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Lucky Fish is created by Jann, whose amazing story of creating her art in the form of t-shirts began in her native country of South Africa back in the 1980's. She now prints in Brooklyn and continues an artisan approach by developing and printing everything by hand (which is why each piece is very special and typically NOT perfect). The fit is on the large side - machine wash in cool and dry cool. This particular t-shirt - silver on white is not the easiest things to photograph but one of my FAVORITE t's - so cute on kids, it even makes a nice evening statement with a blazer! yeow! And completely unisex so nice hand-me-down. NOTE: each piece is HAND PRINTED so there are slight imperfections but that is the point and adds to the beauty of these t-shirts. 100% cotton and made in Brooklyn/USA.