monk oil :: Dawn - 1oz.

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Monk Oil’s City Skin Potion #2 was created to be a scent as reassuring as a dear friend to accompany you throughout your day. A love poem to the California coast, it contains a triple rose formula of Rose Essential Oil, California Wild Rose Flower Essence and Rose Quartz Crystal. It is balanced with pure Sage Essential Oil to uplift and purify. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. Together, these ingredients inspire us to embody the grace and resilience of a Rose. California Wild Rose Flower Essence is made by FES Flower Essence Solution and promotes a Love for the Earth and for human life, enthusiasm for doing and serving. A Rose Quartz Crystal harmonizes the potion with unconditional love. 1 fl. oz. Monk Oil’s City Skin Potion #2 is conjured at dawn (for new beginnings!) on New Moons, Full Moons and other auspicious days. The small 1oz. bottle will keep you grounded at any time, you can keep in your bag for a on the minute pick-me-up