nikki juen :: co-draw 'courage'

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Measuring 20" x 26" these ink on cotton paper are one of a kind and hand drawn with ink. Nikki works together with a partner, they sit on each side of a table and come together at the center of the piece. Each piece is drawn in one sitting, in conversation to break down barriers while drawing together. Nikki has been working with the concept of text for many years and is still fascinated with how it continues to open borders of conversation. While her other works are more free, these are incredibly structured with precision. This piece comes framed - ink on cotton paper, measuring 31" x 25". When words fail, this work asks can the language of ink, hands, and bodies in motion become a new choreography of communication? These drawings sought to combine aphorisms on mothering, mutually agreed upon repetitive marks, and the agreement that we would move towards each other with our hands. Sitting across a table we learned to draw ourselves closer together. Participant: Joann Juen