picnic lover gift set

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This is a great gift set for your friend who always likes to drag you out to have an outside lunch, maybe it's your office mate or maybe your best friend! (that would be me by the way!)

Ayurvedic carafe/water bottle - $58 - These new copper carafe's are perfect for the purist, keep your water in the container for at least 6 hours and it will purify your water naturally. Copper has a natural sanitizing and anti-bacterial properties and is also a powerful anti-oxident. Read more about this water bottle in my "new arrivals section" (easy to clean with lemon and salt) 28oz.

Lucky Fish MOON copper foil long sleeve t-shirt - $58 - This might get a bit tricky with the sizing but I will have to contact you via email to check sizing or please email me: carina@nonchalantmom.com - this just happens to be the most favored womens t-shirt by Lucky Fish (although they are really all a favorite) and next time there's a super moon... you will have something to wear!

Nico Nico and Heather Taylor collaboration cotton blanket - $120 - natural and beige cotton plaid with hand rolled fringe. This is the perfect weight for any picnic, beach, or day out in the park! keep this in your bag and you are all set! measures approx. 52" x 62"

Bright Beam Goods Animal Puzzle - $28 - Beautiful games created by a small cooperative of folks in Austin, Texas. These colorful animal-themed puzzles are sure to keep puzzle lovers occupied for hours. Arrange the twelve different pieces by rotating and flipping them in order to get them all to fit inside the boundaries of the frame. These puzzles are surprisingly difficult and will keep you occupied with and endless entertainment. Each comes packaged in a clear sleeve and made in USA (Texas to be exact!). Made from Acrylic and Baltic Birch, the dimensions are: 5.625in x 8/75in x .25in


As an alternate in case you don't want the puzzle is a bundle of incense - This is the Incausa incense set which includes a lavender hand milled soap, two palo santo incense sticks and two hand milled incense which you break up and use little pieces at a time. ($24)


These items together retail for $264 - This set offers a discount.