robin mollicone :: carina necklace - white mountain jade

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Robin Mollicone uses leather, beading and hand stitching to make these truly unique pieces. Her amazing beadwork creates fabric with beads... she threads each tiny bead one by one and weaves them together to make the setting for the stones she uses. She combines this with leather and stitching it together to create her truly unique piece. Make no mistake this IS a collaboration between me and Robin - kind of... I said, will you make me a smaller, necklace with just one drop - hence we have this lovely piece! (and my favorite) a single white mountain jade stone set in a beaded bezel on a leather charm.. charming isn't it!? (necklace is leather with an adjustable clasp of sterling silver - necklace can adjust from 16" - 17.5") She can also work on a custom piece please contact me via email if you are interested.