traveler gift set

traveler gift set

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This gift set is great for just about anyone - even men! (choose in option for size of bracelet) but show me the person who can travel without a perfect cotton scarf and I will show you the person who does not travel in style! The set includes:

Dupatta scarf by Auntie Oti - indigo with gold border - $118 - These scarves are handwoven khadi. This gorgeous dark indigo together with gold is amazing. 100% cotton (the border is not cotton) - made in India - these garments are hand dyed (without using harsh chemicals) so care should be taken in their storage and do not dry them in the sun. sized approx. 43" x 88"

Incausa palo santo incense bundle of 6 sticks - $16 - Incausa is a social entrepreneurship; A social business experiment that uses the profits from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. A grassroots organization committed to social innovation. Ensuring fair trade practice from sourcing to fulfillment, Incausa coordinates with artisanal production in Brazil and Peru. This pack of six sticks is focused on the Palo Santo wood. Burn on safe heat resistant surface. 50 min per stick.

In this gift set I am offering a small ceramic incense holder that I make by hand in Rhode Island - black clay ($10)

Two bracelets made by Carina.Schott - netted quartz crystal bracelet ($68) and cast Bronze cuff bracelet ($48) the bronze is hand polished so the cast will turn to a beautiful warm golden color if you consistently wear it (shower safe!) - choosing either Men or Women in options will choose the size of cuff bracelet.

These items together retail for $260 - This set offers a discount.